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Dina Asal is an Egyptian translator & writer ... she studied English Literature and has professional Certificate in written translation from The American University In Cairo, Arabic & Translation Studies Division. She started her career as Translator and her other work experience includes working as English instructor, travel consultant and essayist. She finished successfully 1 year public service and learned during this time the value and nobility of public service. Now, she is a member at the Egyptian Translators Association (Egyta).

During her tenure she has developed exceptional writing and editing skills, she writes in different fields especially politics, literature and poetry. In her articles she raises the ideas about freedom, condemns violence and the racism. Dina always writes about the right of a woman to run for leadership roles and genuinely believes that woman can be a president and that would be a good thing for Egypt.

Dina's translations, essays, and critics are being published in many online and offline publications worldwide, including Almustakbal Al-Iraqi Paper, Ekhbary, Shomos News , Ahewar, and she had also the opportunity to write in El-Shourok. She writes monthly an article at Masrana that is published by the American Center for Electronic Publishing. Her articles are being published in Secular Studies and Researches Crenter in Arab World (S.S.R.C.A.W) also she writes in both Arabic & English at The Voice of Reason Organization (TVoR).

She published translations from English literature in cultural magazine Nawafez Gadida “New Windows” this is as well as her articles and critics at Masrahona "Our Theater", the first specialized theater magazine published by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

You can follow Dina on Twitter: @dinaasal and Facebook: facebook.com/dinaasal.eg .

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